Our Company
SHANGHAI YIPIN DISPLAYS CO.,LTD is a professional supplier of quality merchandising products and solutions for all retail segments, including Brand markets,Agencies,Display companies,Printers,Supermarkets,Convenience stores and Food stores. Our headquarter  and sales offices are locating at Chinese Financial Center SHANGHAI,and our factory locates at Hangzhou Linjiang Industrial Park.

Our Services
SHANGHAI YIPIN DISPLAYS CO.,LTD is responsible for the whole processes of order-going.We have individual departments for Design,Production,Quality-control and Logistics. Our designers is capable to execute your desired  POP concepts into finished products. Also our supervisors oversee each project during every phases of material preparation,tooling and molding,testing and adjustment,and final production.Our teams are responsible for good       quality products and service.

Our Products
Our products include Jewelry Display,Jewelry Packaging,Price Tags.We also custom different Display Racks,such as Paper racks,Arylic racks,Plastic racks,Wire racks and other metal racks.
Besides these conventional merchandising products,we also offer POP solutions and execution.

Our Future
SHANGHAI YIPIN DISPLAYS CO.,LTD has great growth in the past years,as our export amount at an annual increase     of 30 percentage. We have the confidences to serve its customers all over the world. We believe that our Quality Products,Personalized Services and Most reasonable prices will make us to be the best of our industry.

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